BIOCELMASK ILLUMINA EFFECT- purifying sheet face mask

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Purifying sheet face mask. Rejuvenates the skin and gives the skin a glow. Prevents photoaging.



Benefits: thanks to 5 active ingredients, the mask instantly renews, gives the skin a glow and restores the natural color of the skin. Perfect after intense exposure to the sun (outdoors or beach).
Ingredients: Oligogeline®, stable vitamin C, bifido bacteria lysate, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

1. Remove one of the protective fabrics from one side of the mask.
2. Apply the mask on previously cleansed skin without tissue.
3. Remove the other protective fabric.
4. Form and attach the mask. Use your fingertips to flick the serum into the skin.
5. Remove after 15-30 minutes.
6. Massage until the serum is completely absorbed. Do not rinse with water.