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DMAE gel for apparatus face lifting procedures (ionophoresis, sonophoresis, cavitation, RF devices, needleless mesotherapy).
DMAE 15% 125 ml
ONLY for professionals.



DMAE gel for hardware face lifting procedures (15%), 125 ml (for iontophoresis, sonophoresis, RF procedures, needleless mesotherapy).
Indications: Face or body lifting, instantly revives the skin, noticeably reduces skin sagging.
Benefits: Contains DMAE, which promotes a lifting effect, increasing muscle tone and strengthening skin firmness. Firming and toning facial procedure. Improves facial contour and firmness. Reduces wrinkles, prevents sagging and increases skin elasticity. Prevents neck skin sagging and improves its firmness.
How to use: distribute the gel on the skin and use the chosen technology.
Active ingredients: DMAE.
Suitable for professional use only.