DMAE + Organic Silicon Ampoule 5ml


DMAE + Organic Silicon Ampoule

Volume: 5ml

Firming, anti-flaccidity and anti-stretch marks ampoules
Skin Clinic



  • Indications: Firming, anti-flaccidity and anti-stretch marks.
  • Benefits: Organic Silicon is a polysaccharide obtained from algae which are organic derivatives of silicon which allow the skin to absorb them as and when required
  • How to use: it fights free radicals and rebuilds and moisturizes the supportive tissue. DMAE is a precursor of Acetylcholine through Choline.

Topical use. It enhances the effectiveness with cosmetic technologies.

• Actives: 0.5% Organic Silicon, DMAE 1%, Watery Ideal excipient q.s. 5 ml.