MIXYAL evolution 5ml


  • MIXYAL evolution- for all types of wrinkles (especially concentrated HA, amino r., DMAE, nucleotides, octapeptides)
    5 ml
  • Mixyal Evolution is the ultimate superlative formulation of the KOSMETHOD line.
  • Kosmethod


In its advanced components it includes in fact a hyaluronic acid that besides being of extreme purity and high concentration, also has a very high molecular weight; this involves a product with a high density, also including several amino acids and their precursors to help fibroblasts to immediately produce collagen and elastin, DMAE in low concentration for a gentle tensor effect and nucleotides (DNA sodium) to obtain an improvement of the skin trophism in addition to a free-radical action. The SNAP-8 is an octapeptide (combination of 8 natural amino acids) which reduces the depth of facial wrinkles caused by contraction of facial mimic muscles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes, thus constituting a valid alternative to the botulinum toxin, hitting differently and in a topical way the same mechanism of wrinkle formation.

Indications: treatment of wrinkles of all types, skin relaxation of face and body.
Each box contains 10 bottles of 5 ml

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