RUTIN COUMARINE- Rutin Rutine + Coumarine Ampoule (2ml)


RUTIN COUMARINE- Rutin Rutine + Coumarine Ampoule

Volume: 2ml

Skin Clinic



  • Indications: For eye bags of lymphatic origin, Cosmetic care of tired legs feeling and vascular cellulite.
  • BenefitsBoth have antioxidant and vasoprotective properties. They also prevent Vitamin C oxidation, which influence collagen synthesis.
  • How to useTopical use. It enhances the effectiveness with cosmetic technologies.
  • Topical use only. Apply with a gentle massage. Its effectiveness can be enhanced if used together with cosmetic technology equipment such as electrophoresis, iontophoresis, transdermal mesotherapy electroporation, radiofrequency and others.
  • Actives1% Rutin Solution, 0.5 % Coumarine Solution., Watery ideal excipient q.s. 2 ml.