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TTS WHITENING Mask- whitening sheet mask
Heber Farma

1 psc. – 30 ml of serum!

Corrects and inhibits the appearance of pigmented spots.




• Effect: Tight-fitting sheet mask. Active peptides and specific extracts act at various levels against pigmented spots and free radical-induced aging processes.
• Composition:
Cocktail of depigmenting active ingredients: soy acid, lactic acid, licorice and transcutol extract. Soy acid: Inhibits tyrosinase activity and reduces melanin synthesis. Transcutol: promotes transdermal uptake, increases membrane permeability. Lactic acid: promotes the regeneration of the upper layers of the skin and contributes to the breakdown of melanin in the superficial layers of the skin. Licorice: Useful as an acid, but no irritation. Oligopeptide-50 (Glamerin): A depigmenting substance that inhibits melanin production and delays the appearance of pigment spots. It reduces the amount of melanin in melanocytes. Wheat germ: rich in tocopherols, fatty acids and vitamin E. Their rejuvenating and anti-free radical properties inhibit free radicals and inhibit oxidative processes at the cellular level.
• Usage: use in the evening. Use a pigment stain corrector on pigment spots before applying this sheet mask. The depigmenting property of the peptides corrects and inhibits the appearance of pigmented spots.

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