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Anti Puffiness & Dark Circle Cream

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For problematic skin.
Reduces eyelid swelling and blackened eyes and “bags”.
Nadine Salembier




Reduces eyelid swelling and blackened eyes and “bags”.
The area around the eyes is a particularly sensitive area where stress, the natural aging process and fatigue are immediately noticeable.
• Effect: prevents weakening of the skin
promoting blood and lymph microcirculation. Day by day, puffiness is reduced, eyelids are lifted and bags under the eyes disappear.
• Composition: Eucalyptus – refreshes and cleanses; Combat herb – antioxidant, tonic; Bearberry – heals and brightens; The ordinary
thistle – stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration; Prickly wort – increases tone; Sunflower – helps retain moisture in the skin.
Used at morning and evening.

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