AquaO3 Lipo 5 ml


  • AquaO3 Lipo
  • Carrier – ENCAPSULATED OZONE! Reduces cellulite: buttocks, abdomen, hips, inner thigh surface: anti-cellulite effect, body modeling, antioxidant.
  • 5 ml
  • Heber Farma


Adipocytes accumulate fat, water, and toxins when the balance of liposuction (lipolysis) and accumulation (lipigenesis) is disturbed. At the same time, excess glucose hardens the collagen fibers, altering the elasticity of the skin. Fat is “caught” between the rigid fibers. This impairs local lymphatic drainage. An image of an orange peel on the skin appears.

The synergistic activity of AQUA O3 LIPO improves the appearance of orange peel skin, activating lipolysis and ensuring skin smoothing.

9 Active Ingredients:

O3 (ozone): It stimulates and supplies energy to cells, improves skin microcirculation and has a high antioxidant / anti-inflammatory power.

Phosphatidylcholine (pc): Phospholipids are one of the major components of the bilayer cell membrane. It stimulates energy activation by dissolving the fat in the adipocytes, thus reducing the appearance of orange peel.

Carnitine: influences the excretion of fat deposits, activates cellular metabolism, increasing the need for energy production.

Caffeine: High in polyphenols that promote fat burning and has a powerful lipolysis agent, it has a strong drainage effect.

Blistering: speeds up the body’s metabolic processes, helps to remove excess fat.

Fennel: improves blood circulation.

Hiedra: Contains saponins that help fight cellulite, dilute fatty acids.

Algin lipase (LipoCell): specific effect and high efficacy. It is secreted selectively and mobilizes excess lipids accumulated in adipocytes. Activates lymphatic drainage. In this way reduces the nodules of cellulite “orange peel”. This improves the appearance of visible cellulite and makes the skin appear smoother.

Method of application:

For external use. To mobilize fat, it is recommended to start with a massage.

Recommended protocol:

Recommended initial 6-8 procedures, 1 per week. Depending on the location of the body, apply a sufficient amount of product. Shake before use.

Additional information

Additional information