LIPOPEPTIS- innovative COMPLEX lipolytics 10 ml


  • LIPOPEPTIS- innovative COMPLEX lipolytics
  • Innovative COMPLEX lipolytic – synergistic components burn fat, promote drainage and diuresis, remove accumulated toxins and promote metabolism.
  • 10 ml
  • Jalor



  • Sh-oligopeptide-2

is oligopeptide growth factor that enhances insulin sensitivity, increase protein and carbohydrates metabolism, helps to stop glucose entering the cells and transform fat in energy, thanks to the amino acids similar to proinsulin.

Sh-oligopeptide-2 stimulates the cell growth, lead to new tissue formation and inhibit the cell death. Because it is highly anabolic, it increases protein synthesis and promotes the growth of the cels in the muscle and prevent its aging. It improves the connective tissue production and collagen synthesis also aids the cartilage. Sh-oligopeptide-2 concentration in the body are altered by age, nutritional status, body composition and growth hormone secretion.

  • Artichoke Extract

has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a specific liver and gallbladder remedy.

It presents a general activity in the liver, kidney and circulation system, with a detoxifying and toxin removal effect. Cynara Scolymus has lipolytic effect through inhibition of phosphodiesterase and has soft diuresis action. Also improves the lymphatic draining system and detoxifying.

  • Phosphatidylcholine

is extracted from soya bean lecithin, in our body is present to play many important roles; as the main com- ponent of cell membranes, helps the movement of nutrients, modify cholesterol solubility and emulsify triglycerides that allow to eliminate the fat, also as a precursor of acetylcholine that activates myofibroblast and improves muscle tone and skin elasticity.

Administration by intrahipodermal injection produces the great lipolytic effects, improves the permeability of the adipocyte’s membrane, increases the receptor properties and sensitivity, dissolves the membrane, and cause the fat cells burst into nano sized particles, and continue to transportation and metabolization fat process in the liver cells, through the citric acid cycle that transform it.

  • Deoxycholate Acid

Bile salts sodium deoxycholate acts as a solvent to improve the aqueous solubility of phosphatidylcholine. It has surfactant property on the membrane phospholipids, create micellisation and destructuration of the membrane, increase the adipocitolysis and lipids emulsification.

  • L-carnitine

is well-known to help burning the stored fat becomes energy during physical activity. L-carnitine is a fat carrier, attaches itself to the fatty acid and carries it into mitochondria matrix and converts the fat into energy; and also decrea-

se the speed of fat deposit.

Together with the use of lipolytic agents such as phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate will maximize the metabolism of fat cells.

  • Gelidium cartilagineum extract

Stimulates lipolytic activity, drainage and toxin removal. Gelidium inhibits penetration of glucose in fat cells and reduces the tran- sformation of preadipocyte into adipocyte.


One Box 10 vials of 10 ml