LYFTON Hard 5ml


LYFTON Hard- for lifting, reducing shedding and wrinkles (especially concentrated HA, DMAE, biomimetic peptides, glycosaminoglycans, vit. B3)

5 ml

LYFTON HARD is the innovative cosmetic mixture created to restore tone and deeply revitalize all the face and body parts that need to regain tone.




  • The hyaluronic acidcontained in it has an external purity and low molecular weight, specially designed to revitalize the skin in synergy with other components.
    The DMAErestores tone and firmness to the muscles subject to the aging process and helps to counteract the appearance of wrinkles. The use of DMAE causes a visible lifting effect that can already occur after the first 20-30 minutes after the application.
    Acetyl Decapeptide-3 is an innovative Biometic peptide with various effects on skin rejuvenation including the increase in skin elasticity and induction of new collagen and elastin synthesis, actively generating new skin cells.
    Niacinamide reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin spots, as well as giving a feeling of hydration, improving skin elasticity, protecting and protecting the skin from UV rays. ●The acetylcysteine contained in Lyfton Hard is present for its strongly antioxidant properties, while hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans have a function of maintaining trophism, hydration and skin elasticity.

Indications: Indicated to prevent and correct signs of skin aging including fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration of the skin and loss of skin texture or flaccidity of the face neck and décolleté.
Each box contains 10 bottles of 5 ml