PEPTIDYAL 115-Biorevitalizant-reparant


PEPTIDYAL 115-Biorevitalizant- reparant.

  • Sterile cosmetic product. Biorevitalizant- reparant.
  • 15 mg / ml hyaluron acid, amino acids
  • AerazenLab


PEPTIDYAL 115-Biorevitalizant- reparant.

Ageing is associated with changes in the molecular structure of DNA, proteins and lipids. The accumulation of these structural changes forms the basis of cellular ageing.

Bio-Restructuring, using hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins, offers substances that only provide moisturise and feed the cells of the dermal tissue, without, however, improving the activity of the extra-cellular matrix.

Peptidyal 115 is the resuIt of an innovative scientific study aimed at the development of a Bio­Restructuring product able to actively support the physiological functional recovery of the skin, and in particular of the extracellular matrix.

Peptidyal 115 can stimulate fibroblasts through the use of precursors and amino acids to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and slow down the catabolic metabolism with scavenger action on oxidative stress, in particular on Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and Reactive nitrogen species (RNS). It also reactivates biological repair and tissue regenerative processes.



  • Maintain the skin moisturised with the aid of substances able to capture water at the surface level (stratum corneum)
  • Restoration of the functionality of the dermis
  • Increase of collagen fibres and fundamental substance
  • Increase of the functionality of elastic fibres
  • Prevent the formation of FREE RADICALS by reducing oxidative stress, which can damage both lipid (cell walls) and hydrophilic (cytoplasm, protein structures and DNA) structures
  • Improvement of skin tone
  • Attenuation or disappearance of wrinkles
  • Disappearance of pigmentation


• Collagen consists of polypeptide chains, referred to as chains, which are closely intertwined with each other to form a compact superhelix. The primary structure of the individual chains comprises over 1400 amino acids and is characterized by the repetition of many triplets of the sequence: glycine, praline, hydroxyproline (Pro­Hyp-Gly)n.

  • Elastin is a fibrous protein composed of two subunits of polypeptides, called tropoelastin. Tropoelastin is composed of long Gly-rich helices separated by short stretches of Lys and Ala.

The two subunits are linked together by means of crosslinking, which confers bi- and tri-dimensional elasticity.

Effects: skin hydration, dermal cell nutrition, activation of tissue biological repair and regeneration. Effect: Extra strong rejuvenating effect, lifting and firmness of the skin, deep moisturizing, better skin tone and turgor, disappears skin sagging, improves skin elasticity, reduces the number of wrinkles and folds, improves skin color and relief, normalizes microcirculation and capillarity . Indication: skin biorevitalization, to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, to reduce scars under acne, a complex additive for other cosmetic procedures (laser, peeling, fillers, …). Ingredients: 15 mg / ml hyaluron acid, amino acids: proline, hydroxyproline, lysine and glycine. A course for wow efect: at least 4 procedures are recommended. For mature skin: 1 month – 3 procedures, 2 months – 2 procedures, 3 months – 2/1 procedures, 4 months – 1 procedure, 5 months – 1 procedure. For young skin: 1 month – 2 procedures, 2 months – 2/1 procedures, 3 months – 1 procedure, 4 months – 1 procedure, 5 months – 1 procedure.



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