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FERULAST- Regenerating Anti-Aging Facial Serum at FERULAST- Regenerating Anti-Aging Facial Serum


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TTS ENERGIZING Mask- energizing sheet mask.
Heber Farma

1 pc – 30 ml of serum!

Use before the first signs of ageing, lack of vitality or radiance.




• Effect:
Increases skin vitality and improves texture. Increases the vitality and longevity of epithelial stem cells, fights against chronological aging. Stem cells prolong the activity of skin cells. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids to improve cell regeneration.
• Composition:
Malus domestica: plant stem cells. Stem cells proliferate at the basement membrane to repair damaged tissues. These masks are recommended for use even in the absence of any damage, as this keeps the skin healthy. Malus domestica is obtained from a Swiss apple species with longevity. Stem cells are encapsulated in nanosomes, allowing them to pass through the layers of skin. Vitamin complex: a mixture of extracts and vitamins: Indian chestnut – affects the tone of the vascular barrier, the release of exudate and has an anti-edematous effect.
Good effect on oily skin. Used to treat couperosis. Huve: cleansing effect. From fat. Provit-II: A mixture of fat- and water-soluble vitamins with Omega-3 and Omega-6-rich oil. Vitamin A affects cell regeneration and the prevention of excess keratin production. Vitamin E promotes skin and hair regeneration by improving blood circulation. B vitamins are used to treat skin and scalp seborrhea and other inflammatory problems. Omega-3 and Omega-6 restore cell membrane integrity and skin barrier function. Aloe Vera: high moisturizing and soothing power, very important protective properties for the skin. Ozone in biomembranes (encapsulated): high bactericidal and fungicidal power. Systematic regular use of excess oxygenation (exposure to ozone) acts as a preventive measure. Vitamin C: The naturally necessary anti-aging effect against free radicals, the provision of nutrients necessary for cell function. Vitamin E: Anti-oxidant properties.
• Use: Use before the first signs of aging, lack of vitality or radiance.