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Anti–ageing Hydrating Mask
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FERULAST- Regenerating Anti-Aging Facial Serum at FERULAST- Regenerating Anti-Aging Facial Serum


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TTS ESSENTIAL Mask- essential care sheet mask
Heber Farma


1 psc – 30 ml serum!
Firmness of sagging skin on the face, neck and underarms.



• Result: rejuvenation, regeneration and firming. Restores facial contour . High concentration of peptides for a rejuvenating effect (diminished wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, renewed skin).

• Ingredients:
FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor). Influences fibroblasts Increases the proliferation of fibroblasts which is essential for normal skin function. It also influences the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid), which are essential for skin hydration. in all its layers. The effect is even greater when mixed with other growth factors. DMAE: a natural nutrient that increases muscle tone , skin firmness and elasticity . It is a small molecule, which is why it is incorporated into the skin penetrates easily. It increases water retention in the upper layer of the skin. The result is immediately visible smoothness. The 24 amino acid peptide (EDP3) provides lifting and firming effects. Influences keratinocyte proliferation . Acts both in the epidermis (on keratinocyte membranes) and in the dermis (on fibroblasts) on fibroblast membranes). Chemitol: amino acids (proline, serine, leucine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid and aspartate acid) have a high capacity to form hydrogen bonds. The result is a STRENGTHENING AND FLOWERING effect. The mechanism of this effect is the electrical charge of the existing components, which provides a long-lasting stretching mechanism. Aloe Vera: extremely moisturising and protective; important properties for skin protection. Elastin: lipid accumulation, UV radiation and enzyme changes can cause changes in desmosine synthesis and degenerative changes in elastic fibres. Calcium and fatty acids can fix themselves to different parts of elastin, as can cholesterol. This makes it more sensitive to the elastase enzyme. Recommended for: mature skin or skin lacking elasticity and firmness. DSH: hydration, rejuvenation and anti-free radical effect.

• With use: tightening of sagging skin on the face, neck and underarms.