YOUTH ELIXIR Super Refining Exfoliating PHA Wash 200 ml


Created for skin that is aged, dull, hyperpigmented, with deep lines and wrinkles.
For mature skin.




Combines mild acids that are gentle on the skin. Helps to diminish dullness, pigmentation and the appearance of wrinkles. Works to improve skin smoothness and softness, and adds instant radiance. Evens out skin tone for a more uniform appearance. Helps to accelerate the cell cycle for improved skin vitality.

Expect fresh, revitalized and glowing skin with this resurfacing and highly refining wash. Skin-friendly PHAs (polyhydroxy acids that are a gentle liquid exfoliant) dissolve the bonds that glue dead cells together, enhance cell turnover, encourage skin repair and help to reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Pumpkin delivers a further mild exfoliating action for instant radiance and smoothness. Mulberry helps to reduce pigmentation and brightens the skin, lemon offers toning and tightening benefits, and rose softens and soothes. The complexion is left dewy-soft, more even and rejuvenated.

Main Actives: Polyhydroxy Acids, Pumpkin Enzyme, Mulberry Extract, Rose Oil, Lemon Oil.


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